Look Around

First of all, I’ll tell you in advance that I am writing this post in some kind of somber weather environment. The rain haven’t stopped pouring since yesterday, and my body is not that much cooperating to do some serious and productive activities.

I was looking inside my cellphone and suddenly found this picture. A picture when I strolling around New Zealand last year. Just like any other pictures of sceneries, I found it has a good combo: blue sky, green plants, luxury golden brown of hills. Rich in colors I thought.

Then something popped up in my head. Don’t know whether it’s an  effect of this gloomy situation or not. Somehow this picture can tell us about something. 

Focus on the car on the left side. The car went straight on the highway, focusing on running to help its master to reach his/her destination. It is exactly how we live our lives. If I don’t know where I am heading to, I will feel lost at some point no matter how fast I accelerate my car. Ineffective. inefficient. 

Another interesting thing that I found from this picture is that if I only focused on stepping my pedal, I will miss many beautiful sceneries in my life that maybe I wouldn’t find twice.

Oh well.. hahaha..

So I think it will be my (or our) challenge to going through this journey of life. Determine your destination, enjoy the ride 😉



I found that sharing my thoughts to other hooman being is not the only variable to be considered to solve my problems. Sometimes I forget. I have to negotiate with myself. Make a peace. Determine what I want. Why I want that (even when I still don’t know why). Admit. Decide . The most important thing to deal with situation is to recognize ourselves before anything else. Make a good communication with our own soul.

Easy to say. Not so easy to be implemented 😫

HR Ways in Facing the Slowdown Economic

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Food Waste: We waste about 57% of our foods every day!


I want to write about what I have read today. I just read the latest edition of National Geographic which headline is about leftover foods. It is quite interesting since I love food, but after I read it, I have to admit that I am include in a group of people who likes to waste foods unconsciously. We have interactions with foods almost every day. No matter how much the economic collapse, we will still buy things to fulfill our needs of foods for sure. There is no doubt about it.

However, I think our relationship with food is like love-hate relationship. Tell me, if you regularly eat an apple, how often you eat it until it had the skinniest shapes? Or are you just being careless and unrealized that there still a lot of the apple “meat” left over which can be eaten. When you found that your bread is almost expired, how good are you in manage to eat the rest of it? Or it would be end up in the trash bin at last? Or maybe.. There are several friends of mine that don’t even eat the egg yolk. I think it can be considered as food waste as well. LOL.

But the problem is.. We often do not realize that we are throwing food almost every day. Maybe it still tolerable if it only a habit of one person. Try to add up your family’s habit, add up your neighbors, add up the citizen, or even country residence. Not to mention the behavior of the business people who can throw away the foods in terms of aesthetics. Wow! National Geographic said that people in the world only consumed 47% of our foods and wasted about 53% of it.

Try to see the side-effect of our waste. Maybe I will not discuss it further for now. I think we all already know about the environmental effect that correlated with greenhouse effect, how it related with the human kind problems in terms of poverty. However, the most important thing for me is not about only just realized the bad effect. We have to indeed realize until we want to do some action to prevent it.

Anyway, I love to hear Peter Lehner speaking at TedX seminar that discuss about food waste. He tried to give some insight about how people minds can change drastically. When he climbed out mountain with his friends, every ounce of food would make it a different. They even licked on it to get the last calories. Sadly, it turned 180 degrees when they safely arrived at home, all they saw in the refrigerator were some bread leftover that already expired, even some multi-color fuzzy mold on their food. Ironic.

food waste composting

Land of food waste. Even the organic one will produce methane after fermentation. Methane: gas that absorbs the sun’s heat and warming the atmosphere.

Investment. Is it important?

Last weekend I was attending a seminar discussed about the importance of investment. It was very interesting for me since all of the speakers quite succeed in make me realized that we will face a tough future if we are not preparing from now. “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Welcome to adulthood!

One way that we can set aside to prepare ourselves for sure is to plan on investment. Recently, young people in my country have started to realize the importance of this matter, and we were helped by the investments products options which supposed to not being burdensome at all. We could even invest only by setting aside IDR 100 k (about $7)/month.

However, the first thing that we have to figure out from investing is what we aim to invest itself. To be honest, at the beginning I did the investing, my only motivation was on how my money can grow faster rather than I save it in a bank. But it turns out my goal was not passionate and good enough to give me more spirit to do the investing. And hei, now I know there are lots of reasons why you have to do the investing right away.

SAVING VS INVESTING. Saving is something that you do to fulfill your short-terms need. Meanwhile, investing basically is for long-term period. You cannot do investing for the purpose of vacation in the near future for example. Maybe it would be good when the stock price is going up, but when the stock is going down, you might say goodbye to your paradise vacations. Long-term plans that may be become the aim of investing are things such as going to harvard for school, go visit the moon, get some luxurious and spectacular wedding, or even sending our children to the best school that prices will be soared for sure when we have kids later on (remember that we have the silent robber that called inflation). When we knew our goals, we will be more eager to make preparations.

No matter how much your income, there will always be reasons that makes you hesitate to invest. Who says we have to say goodbye to elegant dress, fancy meal, nice make up, or the newest iphone for investing? One way to save the future is to manage our money right away after accept it, not to spend it first and save later for investing. It will never be enough to invest if you continue to think so. Anyway, I didn’t say that there is no risk investment. High risk, high return. Low risk, low return. But don’t worry, before do the investing, we need to know the profile of ourselves. Are we a risk taker? Moderate? or even a risk averse? There will be a wide range of products offered that can be customized to our profile.

Last but not least, maybe I will give some tips to manage your spending. Try to manage and be conscious of your needs and wants. It is hard, though. But it would be so wise if we can reduce our spend with consciously buy things that really fulfilled our needs and limit the things of our temporary wants that soon will be abandoned right after we arrived at home for worst. Lets be wise and see you on the moon!


Cacao and Cocoa

I recently discovered an interesting thing about raw cacao and cocoa powder. Cacao and cocoa. It turns out these two words are almost similar but different in meaning though.

Raw Cacao is made by cold-pressing the cocoa beans. The process then will removes the fat that commonly called cacao butter. Meanwhile, Cocoa Powder is made by raw cacao that will be roasted at high temperatures. Basically, they all comes from the cocoa beans.

Raw Cacao vs Cocoa Powder

Raw cacao describes as obtained so much nutrients (the fat also has been removed, right). It is a purest form of chocolate, rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, antioxidant. It is good for your health, good for reducing blood pressure, and  improves learning and memory as well.

Meanwhile, Cocoa Powder that has been roasted in high temperature is lose many of nutritional values in result. Sugar is often added, and often processed with some milk ingredients which works contrary toward the antioxidant of the cacao.

So why do many people often sell or even buy the cocoa powder instead the raw one? It can be caused of its taste. I heard that the roasted process makes the flavor more chocolate rather than the raw one.

Chocolate can be a company for everyone whenever and wherever they are. Girls (including me!) mostly used chocolate whenever they feel sad, insecure, and miserable in order to overcome the negative thoughts that pops up during the PMS. It is scientifically proven  that cacao can stimulates high levels of several neurotransmitters which regulating our mood, pain, sleep, and appetite. It is no wonder the world is in love with chocolate. However, becoming too much dependent of chocolate also not good for your health, since your brain will automatically craving for chocolate in case your mood sudden drops. Do not forget that chocolate also have other compounds that is not too good for your body if you consumed it frequently. Please be wise of your food. You are what you eat 😉


Cocoa Beans

My First Baking School

Matters related to foods such as meal, cake, and pastry will always have space in my heart that works in a number of ways to improve my mood. In my recent spared time, I tried to take a cooking class in making a cupcake. It is quite interesting though. Since it was my first experience, and I found it was not as simple as I thought! :p

The first thing that I’ll mention about my cooking class that is very important for me is nice instructors. I love it when I found that the head chef and her staff were so clear in giving instructions, patient, and friendly as well :D. It makes me enjoy the feeling of baking, even though that I am still clearly a newbie that can’t even handle to put the mixer on correctly :p.

The next thing that I like from joining the class is all of the ingredients are already available in appropriate measurement, thus all the participants need to do is just waiting for instructions of when we should mix it (and oh! We don’t need to do the cleaning for sure. LOL.) . The cooking class took approximately 3 hours to make several wonderful cupcakes. After the enjoyment of first baking school experience, I realized that baking is not easy as I thought. We do need not only a good recipe, but also good technique and some art feelings that make the results nice to look at, and certainly can arouse whoever appetite to immediately eat it.

Well, the real challenge to prove whether we have become a good student is to try by ourselves at home. Will I be able to make a cake with similar taste and (even better) shape? Let’s try!


My First cupcakes! 😀


My Almost-finished-cupcakes


Some of the basic cupcakes and some with the buttercream topping (the green ones)